Get In Touch


You can mail me using my first name Recruiters please note that I’m not looking for a job and I won’t give you information about anybody I work with, so contacting me about these things is a waste of both our time.


If you already know me, you can add me on Facebook or LinkedIn. Recruiters, the drill’s the same as email here… don’t bother; I’ll let you know if and when I’m looking for a new job.

You can also follow me on Twitter though I rarely post as I still haven’t quite worked out the point. But you can follow me in anticipation of a moment of enlightenment.


I’ve got a couple of projects on GitHub which you’re more than welcome to use, contribute to, raise bugs against, and so on.

I’m also on Stack Overflow and used to post quite a lot, although lately I haven’t much because the noise-to-signal ratio has become virtually intolerable. Still, you might find some gems there.

Fork me on GitHub